20. Nils Ushakov, Chairman of the Riga City Council. Riga – the Heart of the Baltics.

Since foundation of Riga 810 years ago, the city has changed and developed, succeeding to preserve its uniqueness in dynamic environment. Riga has always been the city with strong development potential and today it still remains the engine for the national economic growth, being also one of the most significant players in the Baltic Sea Region that has been recognised as one of the most attractive areas of the world for business.

In spite of the crisis period it has lived through in finances and economics, Riga is the city of opportunities. A time of crisis should be viewed wisely, rather as a specific development opportunity. To foster the rehabilitation of Riga economics in budget austerity measures, the development of large scale public infrastructure projects with the possibility to attract external co-financing or apply the public private partnership principle, has become a priority of the Riga City Council.

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