22. Dagnija Baltiņa, Secretary General, Latvian National Commission for UNESCO. Values of Latvia of the World Significance.

In 2011 Latvia is celebrating 20 years since joining the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Joining UNESCO soon after the reestablishment of the independent state of Latvia, has had a lasting impact on the development of fruitful international cooperation as well as national and local undertakings in Latvia within the sphere of culture and nature preservation, scientific research initiatives, sustainable and inclusive education programs and activities, as well as management of rapid changes in use of information technologies and advancement of Latvia’s information society. The largest benefit of joining UNESCO has been an enriching processes of strengthening the sense and deep appreciation of Latvian values, maintained by Latvian people and presented to the international community.

Values of Latvia of the world significance represent the diversity and wealth of the natural, cultural and social environment in Latvia which is essential in ensuring harmonious and peaceful development and quality of the life of society. These values form the basis which constantly reminds us of the humanistic rather than materialistic aspects of life of Latvian people concerned with freedom, creativity, and dignity.

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