23. Juris Savickis, Chairman of the Council of „Dinamo Rīga” JSC. „Dinamo Rīga” JSC.

Brand of the hockey club Rīgas DINAMO has become one of the most recognizable brands of the state both in Latvia and abroad in a very short period of time, but the team itself has become a real nation’s team because almost every inhabitant of Latvia follows its victories and failures. Rīgas DINAMO with its sportive and organizational achievements has become the most popular sports team in Latvia in 3 years, but currently DINAMO is no longer only a sports team. By playing in the Kontinental Hockey League Rīgas DINAMO has become the best business card and advertisement of Latvia, and it provides wider and wider possibilities also to entrepreneurs to establish cooperation contacts with partners from other countries.

Rīgas DINAMO is also a good example that projects of global level both in sports and other fields can be implemented in Latvia. Therefore “Dinamo Rīga” JSC also in future will do everything so that the club did not stop at what it has reached and continued to develop.


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