3. A. Veshnyakov, Ambassador of Russian Federation. Cooperation of Russia and Latvia as an Example of Good-Neighborliness and Mutual Respect.

Russia plans to expand its cooperation with Latvia basing on the principles of good-neighborliness and mutual respect. This was clearly demonstrated during the summit in Moscow that took place in December 2010 and contributed to the development of the positive vector in the relations between Russia and Latvia.

Among the countries of the Baltic region Latvia maintains its leading positions in trading with Russia. According to the data of the Russian FCS at the end of 2010 the goods turnover of the two countries rose by 43% if compared to the previous year and reached $6.4 billion. From January to June 2011 the volume of mutual trade made up to $4.4 billion (growth by 35%), with export and import experiencing steady increase to $4.1 billion (+36%) and $0.3 billion (+26%). Energy resources predominated in the structure of Russian export and food and chemical products (mostly pharmaceutical) took the leading positions in import. If this rate of growth continues, in 2011 the trade turnover between Russia and Latvia will reach $8.0 billion.

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