33. Juris Savickis, president of Itera Latvia. ITERA Latvia LLC.

Each company, just as every person, is occupying a certain place in its society and its country.

ITERA Latvia is the first and only private company in two of the three Baltic countries – Estonia and Latvia, which delivers to their consumers one of the major energy resources – natural gas.

This company is one of the largest investors in Latvian gas sector, which allows to keep not only flexible gas price and gas supply policy, but also safe and predictable national gas supply cyclical dynamics.

Currently ITERA Latvia delivers about one-quarter of the required gas quantity for the Latvian Republic, during the past few years ITERA Latvia have supplied its consumers with more than 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas and as a private commercial entity can provide the necessary gas volumes in terms, which are concessional and preferential to consumers.

From 2001 regular gas supply is provided also to Estonia.


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