39. Adomas Vytautas Sankauskas, Chairman of the Board. Viadukts

The organizational history of the Latvian – Lithuanian joint venture “Viadukts” begins as far back as 1946 with formation of bridge-building teams.

Their task was to restore the destroyed railway and vehicle bridges after the Second World War. Their activities included spanning one of the highest bridges over the River Dubis, a suspension bridge in Vilnius, a railway bridge in the town of Ļudoviņa, and bridge over the River Niemena, in Jurbarkase.

After 1954 the organization also began building works in Latvia.

The old organization was superseded on October 7 1991 with the founding of the Latvian –  Lithuanian joint venture “Viadukts”, specialising in construction and reconstruction of railways, railway bridges, highways, motor bridges, foot bridges, overpasses, tunnels, quaysides, and other man-made constructions. 


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