8. Kamaliyev B.S., Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan. About Cooperation of Kazakhstan and Latvia in the Field of Transport.

Currently the Republic of Kazakhstan keeps active and mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of transport with the countries of the Baltic States, including the Republic of Latvia.

In 2010, cargo turnover between Kazakhstan and Latvia was 37.4 million United States dollars, that is 1.4 times more than in 2009 (26.7 million US dollars), including exports – 13.7 million US dollars, import – 23.7 million US dollars.

In 2010 the volume of transported cargo was 320 657.1 tons, almost 1.5 times more in comparison with the indicators of 2009 (216 700.1 tons), including 93 954.9 in the import transport and 226 702.3 tons in the export transport.

Most cargoes are transported by rail. In 2010 the railway carried 280 845.0 tons and 8 873.4 were carried by road transport.

The main nomenclature of transported cargo is following: iron scrap, products of animal and vegetable origin, products of the chemical industry, fertilizers, cotton, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and items made thereof, oil, wood, etc.

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