2. Hu Yeshun, Ambassador of the PRC. Join Hands to strengthen theVibrant Cooperation between China and Europe.

 The Publishment of the new edition of the book “Latvia- the Heart of the Baltics” is a clear indication that the Eurasian economic cooperations enjoy bright future and have drawn ever-growing attention from the business world. All the participants have been and will continue to be benefitted through the development of cooperation.

The economic cooperation and cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe have a rich history which can be dated back thousands years. Functioning as the international passageway between Asia and Europe, the Eurasia Continental Bridge enjoys many favorable conditions of crossing vast lands, large spaces, and rich natural resources. It has been playing a significant role in developing the complementary economic relations and strengthening the regional cooperation among the countries and regions along the corridor. Sometimes the Eurasia Continental Bridge is called “the New Silk Road” because it is reproducing the brilliance of the ancient Silk Road. The corridor will provide more opportunities for extending and deepening exchanges and cooperation in trade, economy, technology and culture, and further improve the economic development and prosperity of Asia and Europe.

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