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17. STREK Ltd.

The company STREK Ltd. is working already 20 years in Riga free port and offering a wide range of services:

  • Stevedoring services
  • Reception, storage and handling of cargoes
  • Processing, screening, crushing and magnetic cleaning of steam coal
  • Forwarding services
  • Customs declarations
  • Ship agency services

Reliability, quality and fast service are the main principles that we adhere to when doing our business. Being a highly efficient service provider, our offer enables us to compete successfully and confident with the terminals of other ports. We are committed to constant improvement of the service quality.

In 2008, STREK received the ISO 9002 quality certificate, issued by DOS Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen  Gmb (Germany).In connection with the accession of Latvia to the European Union, the work of the company is performed taking into account all normative requirements of the European Union on environmental protection.  

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10. A.V.Krastiņš, professor RTU, Latvia – External Border of EU and High Quality Education for Customs Professionals.

The Latvian Customs together with other national customs authorities implement the EU common customs policy and ensure smooth flow of trade among EU Member States as well as customs control at the external borders of the Community.

The Latvian Customs have proved to be a professional administrator of an international level being able to protect the interests of all EU Member States and to guarantee the protection of the single market and safety of the Community’s citizens.

The importance of the customs services in our country is set by the geographical location of Latvia. The land border Latvia-Russia (245 km) and Latvia-Belarus (161 km) is also the external border of the EU. Customs control is ensured at 31 customs control points which include 12 inland and 19 EU’s external border crossing points – on roads and railways, at sea ports, Riga International Airport and international postal delivery points.

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