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36. Lattelecom: a Stable and Reliable Technology Partner.

As the leading information and communications technology company in Latvia, Lattelecom also maintains the major share of communications infrastructure in the country.

One of the most spectacular infrastructure development projects in Latvia in the last few years has been the optical network built by Lattelecom, thanks to which 100 Mbit/s internet bandwidth has become the industry standard, while Lattelecom customers enjoy much more, with connection speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s.

Lattelecom used the economic crisis to make an investment: over 21 million lats have been invested in the optical network infrastructure in the last two years. The infrastructure is already available in largest Latvian towns, ensuring data transmission at the speed of light for private as well as business customers.

Our advanced communications infrastructure allows companies to not only conduct their business efficiently, but also to envision new, innovative services that develop quickly in the digital age but rely on stable broadband internet.


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35. Juris Binde, LMT President. Latvijas Mobilais Telefons – Trusted Partner for Your Business in Latvia.

Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) was established in 1992 and is currently the largest mobile communications operator in Latvia in terms of both coverage and customer base. 

LMT belongs to TeliaSonera group and is one of the most efficient companies within the group. That has been ensured by the main principle of the company’s operations – goal and success oriented activity. Irrespective of size of the company, LMT has always functioned as a unified, well-oiled mechanism, owing to small, but highly professional staff. Therefore, the aims of the company, either great or smaller, are achieved.

At the early 90s new GSM (Global System of Mobile Communications) digital technologies in telecommunications emerged. LMT experts actively took part in activities of the international GSM Association in the very period of its creation and development. Likewise LMT experts participated in the UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) forum, what still undergoes development, and a while ago co-acted in the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).


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