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32. Adrians Davis, Chairman of the Board, Joint Stock Company Latvijas Gaze.


Our objective is to strengthen JSC Latvijas Gāze’s position as a leader in the Latvian fuel market, by increasing the availability of natural gas, promoting the variety of its consumption, and ensuring Latvia with one of the most stable natural gas supplies in Europe.


Our vision is to transform Latvia into one of Europe’s largest natural-gas storage centers, utilizing our country’s unique geological formations.

Our mission is to contribute to the Baltic region’s economy, by ensuring the safety of energy supply, the development of the sector, and competitive pricing.


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1. Latvia – Country of Great Transit Possibilities.

Transit of Latvia is a component of global logistic system and it successfully competes in the world market. Therefore government institutions and enterprises are paying significant attention to it and substantial investments in transport infrastructure- ports, railways and roads are primary invested in the directions used for transit.

The range of transit services included port, railway, road transport, customs warehouse and broker, logistic center, as well as ship agent, forwarder, oil and oil product pipeline operator services.    

In Latvia development of transport area is based on serving two large markets- European Union market and Commonwealth of Independent States (hereinafter referred as CIS) and Asian markets. Very important role in the development of transit has cooperation with the CIS countries. Latvia is connected with the CIS countries by common railway system (1520 railway gauge width).

                                                                                                                              Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia

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