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13. L.Loginovs, Chief Executive Officer of the Freeport of Riga. Free Port of Riga – One of the Main Points of the Eurasian Trade Route.

Thousands of ships have circumnavigated the Earth for innumerable times, thousands of hours have been spent on the air on our way to business partners, millions of tons of raw materials have been brought to factories, millions of tons of fuel have been burnt, and goods at the value of milliards of dollars have been delivered to our homes.

We try not to reason about this on a daily basis, but when we evaluate our life within a definite period of time, we see how far we have moved away from the moment when we estimated the results of the previous year. For entrepreneurs working in Latvia’s conditions this task is easier to be accomplished, since the markedly seasonal parts of the year come to aid – one realises the benefits of the summer that has passed, or what can be expected from autumn. However, more and more frequently these limits use to vanish in international business, since transactions on Planet Earth take place day and night, every second.

When looking back to the year 2010 in the Freeport of Riga, the conclusion can be made that the year has passed under rather complicated conditions, but however, all-in-all it has been successful. We have survived consolidation of the state budget, recurrent and essential tax increase, we have elected deputies for the Saeima and worked in the sweat of our brow, we have recently declared extraordinary elections, but notwithstanding all this, we are hopefully looking forward to future.

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