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11. V. I. Yakunin, President of JSC Russian Railways. Russian Railways.

Russia and Latvia are two links in a uniform transportation system that spans the entire Eurasia.

Cargo traffic between Central Asia and Ukraine, Belarus and EU states generate the bulk of transportation flows running through our countries. These transportation flows primarily reflect sustainable economic relations in the area which railway people call the “1520 Stretch”. Our countries share a uniform standard of 1520 mm wheel track, which is different from the European 1435 mm gauge railway lines. 

Transportation volumes are expected to grow led by continuous business recovery in respective countries and growth of export capacity.

Within the Eurasian transportation system the Baltic Region’s geographical location offers certain advantages arising from a well-developed transportation infrastructure. Besides, the Region boasts a wealth of history, especially regarding trade routes dating back to the Hanse Union times. 

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7. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. Latvia is One of the Key Partners of Ukraine in the Sphere of Transport and Transit.

Ukraine and Latvia cooperate actively and develop joint transport projects since the mid-1990-ies. A number of legislative acts, approved by both states, prove that fact. The first intergovernmental agreements were concluded back on 23 May 1995, when the Governments of Ukraine and Latvia signed the Agreement on International Car Communications and Executive Protocol to it, as well as the Agreement on International Air Communications. On 26 February 1998 the Agreement on Trade Maritime Shipping and the Agreement on Cooperation in the Sphere of Railway Transport were signed. Therefore, cooperation between Ukraine and Latvia embraces all possible vectors of transport sector activities.

This year Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has initiated amendments to the Agreement on International Car Communications in the part of introducing a non-permit system for all types of transportations. The relevant letter was sent to the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Ukraine.

As for the railway sphere, the Governments of both states are parties to multilateral agreements within the framework of Organization for Cooperation of Railways, for instance, the Agreement on International Cargo Transportations, International Passenger Communications etc.

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5. A.Oliynyk, Ambassador of Ukraine. Main Achievements in Ukrainian-Latvian Relations During 20 years of Ukraine’s Independence.

Latvia was among the first countries to recognize the state independence of Ukraine on 4 December 1991. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Latvia on 12 February 1992 the development of bilateral relations has been ascending and reached a new level. Strengthening and expanding mutually beneficial relations with Latvia – member of EU and NATO – is one of the elements of Ukraine’s course towards European integration, deepening political and economic cooperation with the Baltic and Nordic countries.

By joining their efforts the parties managed to create a solid legal basis, which currently comprises 7 interstate, 23 intergovernmental, 3 inter-parliamentary and 45 interagency documents.

An active dialogue at the level of leaders of both states was established. Latvian President Valdis Zatlers was among the Heads of State – EU members, who attended the inauguration of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on 25 February 2010. There was an exchange of visits – the President of Latvia V.Zatlers was in Ukraine on an official visit (25-27 June 2008), the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych paid an official visit to Latvia (15 December 2010). Among the main results of the latest visit was an agreement to intensify trade and economic components of the Ukrainian-Latvian relations, to approve priority areas of cooperation in order to substantially increase bilateral trade and investments, to further the consistent support by Latvia of the EU integration course of my country. The signed during the visit Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Latvia on Cooperation in the Field of European Integration encourages these activities. Latvia also provides assistance to Ukraine in encompassing European integration experience within the framework of various projects in the field of governance, development of democratic institutions etc.

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